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LMX100 was designed specifically for making marking utilities with GPR simple and easy.

Assemble LMX100
Start Locating & Marking

Assemble LMX100

Open the main box; remove the accessory box, cart base, cart handle
and sensor box. Open each box and lay out all the components.

Attach the cart handle to cart base using the handle pins.

Attach the sensor to the cart using the sensor support straps. Ensure the sensor is oriented the correct way with the connections toward the back of the cart.
Adjust the sensor height to 1 - 2 cm  (1/2 -3/4 inch) above the ground. 

Attach the display unit to the display unit tray on the cart. Depress the flexible clip and slide the display unit back far enough so the clip catches and secures the display unit firmly in place. 

Attach the display cable to the back of the display unit with the jackscrews.

Connect the other end of the display cable to the sensor. Ensure the cable is routed correctly; above the lower cross arm on the cart handle and under the battery tray.

Attach the odometer cable to the sensor.

Attach the battery cable to the sensor and the battery. The upper red light on the display unit will illuminate indicating that there is power available for the system.
The system is now ready to use.

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Start Locating & Marking

Start Up

Press any button on the display unit (DVL) to turn the system on.



Press  and push.



Back up to mark position and estimate depth of target.



System Settings

Use to change Language, Units, Scale, Date, Time and Power Off the system.

Image Settings

To access them during data collection, press the Pause (||) button.
Use to change Color, Gain, Depth and turn Filter On and Off. Press Quit to access System Settings.


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